SEFF MINI is a proposal for the audience of 2 years old and above, integrating different age groups through spending time together children and their parents and guardians. Wathcing togehter films gives a chance to exchange opinions, create your own point view and character, or simply to have a normal conversations on more or less important topics with family or among friends. SEFF MINI integrates different generations, it evokes sensitivity in the youngest audience and creates a festival space for families. It involves actively its visitors also through film workshops dedicated to the young and older children. It is a friendly atmosphere of meetings, discussions and actions around film. SEFF MINI presents this year films for family and children, carefully selected from a professional offer prepared for the youngest cinema-goers. The film "Molly Monster" and blocks of short films "I go to the cinema" and "Different corners of the world" come from the selection at Kids Film Festival in Warsaw. Whereas "Meester Kikker" is a film, which was nominated for the Best Dutch Family Film at Cinekid festival in 2016.
Thursday 22.06.2017
kids watch: "Molly Monster" dir. Matthias Bruhn, Michael Ekbladh, Ted Sieger, Germany 2016
screenings for kids 4+



Friday 23.06.2017
kids watch: "Meester Kikker" dir. Anna van der Heide, Netherlands 2016
screenings for children 6+
Saturday 24.06.2017
kids watch: Film Playground vol.1
Workshops: 7-9 years old
kids watch: Film Playground vol.2
Workshops: 10-13 years old


Sunday 25.06.2017
kids watch: a set of short films – I go to the cinema!  
screenings for children 4+
"Some Thing" dir. Elena Walf, Germany 2015
"Mine, Mine" dir. Kaspar Astrup Schröder, Denmark 2012
"Stone Soup" dir. Clémentine Robach, Belgium 2015
"The New Species" dir. Kateřina Karhánková, Czech Republic 2015
kids watch: a set of short films – Different corners of the world!
screenings 6+

"Aston's Presents" dir. Uzi Geffenblad,  Lotta  Geffenblad, Sweden 2012
"The Present" dir. Jacob Frey, Germany 2015
"Shame and Glasses" dir. Alessandro Riconda, Italy 2013
"Snow" dir. Antoine Lanciaux, Sophie Roze, France 2015