The list of the POP SEFF'18 competition selection winners

Thank you for all your submissions, as always, the choice was far from easy but we have managed somehow ;). List of POP SEFF'18 finalists:
“Całą ciszę / POKÓJ NOCNY” Krzysztof Kujawski, 2018, PL
“Cuida Coches” Dante Zaballa, 2017, DE
“DayS” Myriam Fontaine, 2018, FR
“Flush it out” Marián Vredík, 2018, SK
“Hole In The Universe” Marta Kacprzak, 2017, PL
“I Promise” Michał Marczak, 2017, UK/PL
“L'Eclaireur” David Mendes, Gautier Guillot, Marcia Laforce, Marylene Sun, 2017, LU
“Liczydło” Krzysztof Kujawski, 2017, PL
“Monster” Heidrik, 2017, FO
“Örvény” Norbert Porkoláb, 2018, HU
“Relativity” Carlon Hardt, 2018, BR
“Religion for Dummies” Kabeer Khurana, 2018, IN
“Scandal” Pablo Mengin-Lecreulx, 2017, RE
“Second Hand Lovers” Oren Lavie, 2017, IL
“Tak to teraz” Sebastian Juszczyk, 2017, PL
“Tamagotchi” Krzysztof Grajper, 2018, PL
“Terra Deflorata” Olga Czyżykiewicz, 2018, PL
“The Dance of the Living Stones” Angelo De Grande, 2017, IT
“Trains” Jola Kudela, 2017, GB
“Troskliwy” Zuzanna Plisz, 2017, PL
“Uncloud” Guillaume Versteeg, 2018, NL
“Viva Gurilla” Amin Hadjbabaie, 2018, IR
“With my own two hands” Michaël Barocas, 2018, FR
“Youth Is Dead” Javier Mazuelas, 2018, ES
Congratulations, see you at the final on June 15th at the Culture House 13 muz in Szczecin!
added:: 2018-05-23
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